Movers You Can Trust

Movers You Can Trust

Recently, I helped some friends move in the Rock Hill, SC area. They had had bad moving experiences in the past, and wanted to be sure that they were hiring a reputable and dependable moving service. I helped them research moving companies in Rock Hill and found a lot of movers with mixed reviews. Then, I found Smith Dray Line, a service that has been in business since 1888, has locations throughout the Carolinas, and has tons of positive reviews. This was the one!

From start to finish, working with Smith Dray Line was a positive experience. Their customer service representative was polite and knowledgeable, and got us a quote and scheduled the move in no time. The day of the move, the movers arrived promptly and began packing and loading everything quickly yet carefully. We were really impressed with the movers’ professionalism and attention to detail. After a few hours, the entire process was complete and my friends were excited to get settled into their new home.

After this wonderful experience, I highly recommend Smith Dray Line to anyone who needs movers in Rock Hill!




Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming


Greenville is full of natural beauty, with lush forests and beautiful trees lining every street. We love our trees in Greenville, and it is so important to take good care of them. This means trimming tree branches periodically, to keep the trees healthy and happy. Different types of trees require different care, so it is best to hire a professional for your tree trimming needs. Luckily, Tree Service Greenville specializes in tree trimming and pruning.

If you have trees on your property with dead or diseased branches, call Tree Service Greenville as soon as possible. They will trim the compromised branches to keep the tree healthy and safe. They can also remove broken or low-hanging branches to enhance your home or business’s view.

To keep your trees healthy and looking great, contact Tree Service Greenville for a free estimate.

Gourmet in Greenville

Gourmet in Greenville

Where can you find decadent pastries, rich coffee, fresh salads and sparkling wine–all in one place? The answer: Caviar & Bananas in downtown Greenville. This chic eatery is reminiscent of Parisian cafes, but with a Southern twist. Whether you are looking for a healthy breakfast complete with gourmet coffee, a quick bite on your lunch break, or wine and cheese with friends on the patio–Caviar & Bananas has got you covered.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is unlike anywhere else in Greenville. It is classy yet casual, and you order bistro-style at various stations. It also has a grocery section where you can buy wine, beer, soft drinks and gourmet meats, cheeses and snacks. The paninis are top-notch and all the ingredients are fresh and high-quality. Caviar & Bananas is vegan and vegetarian friendly, so there is truly something for everyone.

Caviar & Bananas is located on North Laurens Street in downtown Greenville. We highly recommend you stop in and check it out!


Chiropractor with a Twist

Chiropractor with a Twist

Many of us  are now familiar with the benefits of chiropractic care. Of course, chiropractors deal with the spine and are able to offer adjustments in order to realign our bodies to their rightful positions. However, this sort of treatment can only provide relief for specific ailments. Some of the benefits of traditional chiropractic care include reduction of pain, decreased muscular spasms and increased range of motion. However, this sort of care only addresses the “symptoms” at hand.


Continuum Chiropractic is a chiropractor in Greenville SC who offers more than the average. This business specializes in neurostructural chiropractic care as opposed to traditional. The difference? Neurostructural actually aims to discover the root of the problem which is in turn causing the symptoms. By discovering and addressing the root cause of any symptom is the only true way to fix the problem. Otherwise, you’re likely only covering up the real problem which could make matters worse in the long run.

The professionals at Continuum Chiropractic are there to help you rediscover your optimal health. They understand the human body on an advanced level, addressing the relationship between the spine (or skeletal system) and the effects it can have on the overall nervous system.

As this sort of care may not be for everyone, Continuum Chiropractic offers free consultations. They want to ensure that their sort  of care is the care you need, rather than accepting payment without a fair amount of certainty that their service would benefit you.

If you’re in Greenville or the surrounding areas and are aiming for more optimal health, give these folks a try!


Healthy Treats

Healthy Treats

In the heart of downtown Greenville, you can find some very tasty (and healthy) treats at a shop called Southern Pressed. This small space is really packed with a punch, providing customers with everything from fruit juices to organic parfaits.


It feels good having somewhere you can go to curb your cravings without feeling bad about it later. The majority of ingredients used are organic and they are sure to make everything fresh and on the spot.

The juices come in a wide variety of flavors. You can chose a combo or one flavor of your choice. There are also small shots that you can take for different purposes; for example, one, made with tumeric juice, is great for combating the flu.

They even have several special treats, such as “oatmeal” cookies, which are actually made with almonds, and no oats at all. If you catch the on a good day, they may even have vegan “cheesecake” made with a cashew yogurt base, or delectable donuts, all made from scratch in house.

Their yogurts are not only incredible, but they’re vegan, making it easy for anyone to enjoy. They also have a wide range of savory dishes, such as spring rolls and cauliflower salad.

The energy bowls are incredibly flavored smoothies that are then topped with all sorts of seasonal fruits and other healthy toppings, such as cocoa nibs and chocolate covered kale chips. How could anyone not enjoy that?

Next time you find yourself strolling around downtown Greenville, be sure to give these guys a try.

Floral Frenzy

Floral Frenzy

It’s no secret that Twigs is the go-to florist in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas. This local company has been around since 1990 and provides nothing short of top-quality, every time.

The proprietor of twigs, Kate Tierney, is from the South herself and likes to make sure the local charm is applied to the craft. She is wildly talented and knows how to give each customer a unique arrangement or bouquet for any occasion.


Twigs offers custom floral designs for everything from weddings to parties, special lunches and events or just something to make your house feel more like a home. Kate and her team will always create an inspiring arrangement just for you and your purpose.

Perhaps the best part about this company is that they are not just a florist; they offer much more, including a home and garden store, breath taking wedding venue and workshops.

The wedding venue is one of the most popular in the area, with a beautiful gazebo with a pristine garden nearby. And there’s a large terrace that seats over 250 guests adjacent to the gazebo. The venue has its own customizable catering service, giving anyone planning their special day one less thing to stress about. If you’ve never been to a wedding in the South, it’s already quite the treat. But when you add this romantic setting to the mix, it is truly magic.